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Ultrasonic, magnetic & vortex flowmeters. Ultrasonic, radar & guided wave radar level transmitters. Vibrating fork level switches. Differential & gauge pressure transmitters. Ozone monitor
Wall-mounted or handheld ozone monitors and controllers.
Metering pumps. Rotameters & paddlewheel flowmeters.
Handheld gas detectors and wall-mounted gas detectors/transmitters (Honeywell). Gases: chlorine, oxygen, hydrogen sulfide (H2S), etc.
Liquid and gas chlorinators and amperometric chlorine analyzer.
Industrial scales, volumetric dry feeders, fluoride analyzers and chlorine gas leak detectors.
Oxygen meters, pH meters, conductivity meters, multiparameter meters, laboratory standards, etc.
Turbidimeters, chlorine analyzers, streaming current monitor, online UV % transmission analyzers, biodegradable turbidity standards (NTU) and DPD reagent dispensers.
Measuring instruments including voltmeters, ammeters, anemometers, infrared thermometers and even more.
Ozone monitor for low, medium & high ozone concentration with UV technologie

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