MicroTOL Online Turbidimeter
MicroTOL Online Turbidimeter The MicroTOL Online Turbidimeter is specifically designed to measure turbidity continuously in filtered water, raw water, waste water final effluent and industrial applications. The optional Auto Clean Ultrasonic cleaning system automatically cleans the optical chamber.
AESL Ultrasonic clamp on flowmeter
AESL Ultrasonic clamp on flowmeter Ultrasonic flow meter can be applied to a wide range of pipe diameters and flows. Applicable liquids include clean fluids as well as fluids with small quantities of solids
HI 93414 Turbidity and Free/Total Cl2 Portable Meter
HI 93414 Turbidity and Free/Total Cl2 Portable Meter The HI 93414 measures the most important parameters of drinking water: turbidity and free/total chlorine. Designed for water quality measurements, it provides reliable and accurate readings on low turbidity and chlorine values.
HG-602 Chlorine Analyzer
HG-602 Chlorine Analyzer The WG-602 is a user-friendly residual chlorine analyzer of amperometric type that gives accurate and reliable measurements.

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